Dwight Howard hasn’t even played his first game as a Washington Wizard, and he’s already a pain in the butt – his own butt specifically.

Shams Charania of The Athletic and Watch Stadium reports Howard has a “piriformis injury” which is an injury to a muscle in the buttocks.

Is this worth reporting? Absolutely. Shams is doing his job, even if he’s doing it a bit dirty. Howard has notoriously been a pain in the butt for the many teams he’s played for. So, the fact he’s got a literal pain in his butt is newsworthy. I don’t want to make light of an injury, as I’m sure Howard is in some sort of pain. But, this might be the most Dwight Howard injury possible.

We here at Next Impulse Sports hope Howard’s buttocks injury heals and he can get back onto the court, where he’ll be the team’s pain on the butt.

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