In incredibly bizarre news out of Texas, a woman named Adriana Pellum was arrested after firing a couple of gunshots at men who arrived at her home in an attempt to recover a Dallas Cowboys blanket. reports Pellum, 38, was arrested and charged with discharge of a firearm after two men tried to recover a Cowboys blanket she allegedly stole. Pellum fired shots in an attempt to frighten them.

Pellum allegedly fired the gun once to scare them away. A man who was at the house recovered the weapon and placed it in the living room. Officers said they seized the black 9mm Smith and Wesson. Pellum stated the two men had been harassing her over a Dallas Cowboys blanket she had taken from a friend of the two men, according to police.

It must have been an incredibly special blanket if A) If it was worth stealing B) it was worth recovering C) it was worth firing gunshots over. It’s just an absurd story in every single way.

Pellum didn’t need to fire off shots. If she did take the item, she should have just given it back to the men. Instead, she’s facing criminal charges over a freaking Dallas Cowboys blanket. It’s a curious decision at best.

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