In late August, rumors circulated Roseanne Barr’s titular character would be killed off on the ABC ‘Roseanne’ spinoff ‘The Conners.’ According to Roseanne herself, those rumors are true and we now know her cause of death.

Speaking on Brandon Straka’s ‘Walk Away’ podcast, Barr revealed her character would die from an overdose of opioids. Calling the decision “cruel,” Roseanne didn’t seem to thrilled with the decision – which hasn’t been officially confirmed by producers.

Honestly, Roseanne’s opinion, in this case, is entirely irrelevant. She had all the chances in the world to have creative input regarding her character’s future before ABC finally pulled the plug on her show after the actress made racist remarks about a politician on her personal Twitter account.

Killing the character off and continuing ‘The Conners’ allows the show and characters to live on, develop and branch in a new direction without Barr. It’s hard to feel sorry for her. She had the most popular show in America and blew it – ABC is just moving on.

It’s good to see ‘The Conners’ writing room use her controversial write off as a way to discuss the opioid crisis in the U.S. At least something good can come out of this.


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