You think Rob Schneider would be able to take a joke since he’s a comedian, but that wasn’t the case on Saturday evening after the ‘Norm of the North’ star let a harmless jab get to him big time.

Schneider’s anger started when legendary comic book creator Gail Simone, who extensive resume includes ‘Secret Six,’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ – she’s also is responsible for bringing back Deadpool to relevance – made a joke about Tim Horton’s being the Rob Schneider of donut shops. Schneider responded by telling his ‘fans’ to “tell her how YOU FEEL.”

Shoutout to Schneider for not only searching his own name on Twitter but trying to get his fans to go after Simone because he can’t take a joke. As a Canadian who eats Tim Horton’s quite frequently, I can say the joke is as funny as it is harmless. I know Schneider’s career was made out of bad poop jokes, but it’s still surprising he has got such thin skin.

Schneider’s request backfired too, as an overwhelming majority of people praised Simone.

@KrangTNelson shared some advice with Schneider.

Schneider has since deleted the tweet. He needs to choose his targets, just like his movies roles, a heck of a lot better.

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