Kevin Durant is not buying C.J. McCollum’s assertion the Portland Trail Blazers are championship contenders.

On McCollum’s Pull Up podcast, the Golden State Warriors All-Star discussed DeMarcus Cousins signing with Golden State for just $5.3 million. McCollum admitted he was “hot” after the signing. Durant didn’t hold back when responding taking multiple jabs at the Trail Blazers chances at contention.

“Bro, you know you guys aren’t going to win a championship … I mean, let’s be honest.”

“You can’t be upset about this.” 

CJ: “We’re the third seed!”

“But how’d you play? Like an eight seed.”

I mean, Durant’s not wrong. Portland was swept by Cousins former team, the New Orleans Pelicans – who weren’t exactly championship contenders themselves.

Durant’s confidence is outstanding. He and Cousins don’t give a crud about parity, which is why they’ve taken team friendly deals to join the Warriors (Durant eventually got paid). Having Cousins would have made the Trail Blazers better, but the path to a championship is much easier with the Warriors. It’s just a face.

It’s sort of rich for Durant to be bragging about a championship considering his past transgressions, but he’s right. Portland isn’t going to win a championship. Golden State probably will.

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