After appearing in a promo video for Barstool Sports’ “Rough N Rowdy,” a part-time police officer has resigned from his post.

Former Campbell police officer Ryan Young, set to fight in an upcoming Barstool amateur boxing match, was seen in the video performing his duties while the Barstool crew films him. In the video, he restrains a Barstool personality and appears to use a stun gun device on the man (which was confirmed fake).  According to Police Chief Dennis Puskharcik, he allowed Young to be interviewed but not go on calls or use the stun device.

“The video was inappropriate for any officer,” Puskarcik told the Youngstown Vindicator. “If we had known the full extent of what they planned to do, it would have never been approved.”

The Mayor of Campbell, Nick Phillips told the Vindicator the officer “acted in a way that was not representative of the city or its police department.” Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy responded to the firing admitting it “sucks.” He wrote that his guys got clearance to shoot the video and that Young was “courteous, fair and a community policeman.” In an effort to make things right, Portnoy offered to pay him to double his yearly salary for the fight, win or lose. You can read Portnoy’s full response here.

It’s a shame Young had to resign, but he probably should have executed better judgment. However, if he got clearance to shoot what was shot, it’s a shame he lost his job.

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