De’Aaron Fox’s Tesla was the victim of hooliganism this weekend, as the Sacramento Kings rookie posted a picture of his expensive wheels with a smashed windshield.

Via Instagram, Fox shared his dread over his Tesla getting smashed.


Per Rolling Stone, Fox bought the Tesla as his first big purchase after getting drafted by the Kings. Bizarrely, however, Fox didn’t buy the Tesla to make a good impact on the environment, stating “I’ll die before the earth is uninhabitable, so it’s isn’t about the environment.”

Well, at least he’s honest.

Regardless, getting your car window smashed sucks. Tesla’s are extremely expensive (and cool) so even a window repair won’t be cheap, and I’m saying this as someone who recently was looking to buy Tesla shares with the help of this guide. At least Fox makes good money and should be able to cover the repairs for the window no problem. Let’s just hope they find the idiot who broke it so justice can be served.

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