You thought all the bad draft analysis was over since another NFL Draft has come and gone? You’re solely mistaken.

The NFL is a league where every big decision is overanalyzed to the point of laughability. So, when the Buffalo Bills decided to take Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen seventh overall there was plenty of ridiculous analysis about the tall, strong QB and his ability to play in cold weather.

Fast forward to Wednesday, where an unnamed NFL exec said some real stupid stuff about Allen to ESPN, his ability to play in Buffalo and Baker Mayfield.

To call someone an “aw-chucks” football loving dude, is silly. Saying that the Bills didn’t need Bakey Mayfield in “f—ing designer clothes,” doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Allen could succeed in Buffalo. But, if the Bills could choose between Allen and Mayfield you have to think they’d take Mayfield every time. There’s a reason Allen was the third QB selected in the first round – with many draft graders believing it was a big reach.

Allen might be able to handle the cold, but that doesn’t make him good. Can throw it in the wind help him in Buffalo? Absolutely. Will it define him among his rookie class, hell no.

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