Are you an adventurous person? Do you like to watch or even partake in challenging activities?

There is one activity that might suit you if you answer ‘yes’ to both questions: sports. You can play sports or just watch from afar and cheer your favorite teams since both options will pump you up with adrenaline.

While most people are happy enough with the regular sports-related activities, some take their dedication to a whole new level by trying to break existing sports records. Some participate in normal sports such as running or high jumping, while others make some bizarre choices when it comes to sports.

Keep reading and find out more about the most unpredictable sports records that were set in recent years. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to try to break them yourself!

Top 5 Sports Records You Should Know About

  1. Running…But Not Alone – Running marathons, triathlons, and even half-marathons is a common occurrence all around the globe. However, not many runners choose to enter a competition where they are teamed up with an unusual companion – a baby. In this unusual competition, the participants have to push a stroller at all times, while the baby enjoys the view and the unique setting. The current title-holder is Ashlee Eskelsen from Alabama. She finished the 13.1-mile race at the 2018 Montgomery Half Marathon and 5K in one hour, 47 minutes, and 29 seconds – which is 30 seconds less than the previous record-breaker.
  2. Soccer is Not the Main Event – A lot of talented soccer players came from Brazil, but only one of them managed to take the spotlight off his playing skills and focus it on something else entirely. Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva set his mind on one thing – the number of T-shirts he can take off while keeping a football in the air. In 2009, he managed to take 21 shirts off without dropping the ball, and he has been hanging on to the title ever since.
  3. Go Punch Him! – Everyone knows that in order to master a move in martial arts, you have to make thousands of repetitions till your brain can execute the move without thinking. Some fighters took this advice to heart and tried to make the most amount of punches in one minute.  In October 2017, Norman Breese broke the record by executing 901 consecutive punches in one minute – a respectable amount indeed!
  4. How Many Push-Ups Can You Do? – Usually, people associate push-ups with stamina and strength, but one person decided that two-handed push-ups are not challenging enough, and he decided to test his limits. In 2011, Xie Guizhong from China did 41 push-ups in 30 seconds – using one finger only.
  5. Two Sports All in One – Many people combine different sports to challenge themselves and to keep thing interesting, but combining bench presses and diving is a bit unusual by all standards. However, some people are into this kind of things, and in June 2017, Fabian Becker from Germany broke the previous record after doing 41 bench presses underwater.

Another Exciting Aspect of Sports

The fact the people from all around the world strive to break those bizarre records proves one thing – people are always looking for new ways to challenge themselves. If you are looking for a fun sports-related activity but you are not ready for a full-on marathon, you can try something more relaxed yet still thrilling – sports-related gambling.

The risk that is involved in gambling can turn every gambling session into a wild adventure, so this is the perfect choice for people who are interested in feeling a rush without actually participating in physical activities.

There are two gambling options available for sports lovers – sports betting, which means that you try to predict the outcome of future games, or playing online casino games with sports-related themes.

If you choose the latter, you will have the opportunity to increase your wins by using various bonuses and promotions to your advantage. There are some lucrative no deposit offers available online, so if you are interested in going down this road – check them out! You won’t be disappointed.