Nazem Kadri will be hearing from NHL Player Safety after he delivered a stupid, dangerous hit to the head of Boston Bruins forward Tommy Wingels on Thursday Night.

The Toronto Maple Leafs forward was assessed a game misconduct after retaliating against Wingels, who earlier in the sequence elbowed Mitch Marner. Kadri went head hunting on a defenseless Wingels, hitting him late while he was on his knees.

Watch for yourself.

The NHL quickly unveiled Kadri will have a hearing for the hit meaning he’ll likely be suspended.

Ultimately, Kadri should be suspended for the rest of the series for the hit. It was a kill shot on a non-hockey play. It’s great he was sticking up for his teammate, but trying to injure Wingels was the incorrect response.

It’s a shame since Kadri’s a talented player. The Leafs had an uphill battle to defeat Boston regardless. Without Kadri, their chances get even smaller.

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