Joel Embiid always preaches former GM Sam Hinkie’s “trust the process,” mindset but now he’s embodying the mentality.

The All-Star Philadelphia 76ers took to Twitter to show off his new mask (that he wears after suffering a facial fracture after colliding with Markelle Fultz) where he called himself “the Phantom of the Process,” adding “no one cared who I was until I put on the mask.”

People obviously cared about Embiid before he dawned the mask, but quoting Bane from the Dark Knight Rises is very on-brand – even if Embiid isn’t exactly a villain.

The 76ers are entering the playoffs on a 16-game win streak and as the three-seed with Embiid’s a huge part of why. Armed with a goofy mask, Embiid is trusting the process and the new look to prove Philly is worth caring about in the playoffs. He’s probably right.


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