One of the all-time great talents in college football, former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has an undoubtedly sad story. Not even talking about his off the field transgressions, Manziel has simply been, a mess at times.

Now clean and sober, he is on a one-man redemption tour. He is reportedly telling NFL teams that he is willing to play for $0 money guaranteed. He even mentions that he will play on the practice squad of an NFL team if necessary.

Don’t get me wrong. Who doesn’t like a comeback story? Manziel has a lot that he needs to make straight, and if he doesn’t do it quickly, his dream is going to go down the toilet.

This story doesn’t even mention the fact that Manziel had been talking to the Canadian Football League about the possibility of playing for them. He was discussing the possibility of doing it if he was the highest paid player. Wonder what changed?

It makes his current stance disingenuous and more than a little desperate. Manziel is looking to play football again, but his mixed messages remain pretty sad.

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