The closing ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympic games are only a short time away. The defining moment may have taken place when a streaker took the ice. He may not have been caught on television, but to us, he will live on in infamy.

The Streaker went onto the ice after the end of the 1,000-meter speed skating event. During the medal ceremony, he took to the ice and made himself known to others. He had the words “PEACE+LOVE” on his chest, and he was also wearing a tutu accompanied by a speedo of some sort. The speedo had a monkey penis pouch adorned to the front of it.

It was one heck of a look.

TMZ Sports reports that he was able to stay on the ice for a period of time and wasn’t removed from the ice for many minutes. What an unforgettable moment from an unforgettable Winter Games.

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