Love, actually, is all around. It can be found anywhere at anytime. It doesn’t matter where how it is found as long as it is found. For example, Ben McCleskey and Avery Armstrong, a couple that met during an Atlanta Hawks team tinder event are about to tie the knot.

The weirdest part about it? They’re going to be doing it at center court and the team is going to be taking care of it all.

From ESPN:

“Not in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen,” said Atlanta Hawks chief executive officer Steve Koonin. It was Koonin who, on the team’s next Tinder Night in 2016, was updated on the couple’s status and said should the two decide to seal the deal, it would be on the Hawks.

They’ll have about 200 of their closest friends and family when the big day comes on March 3. If there is any lesson to take from it, it is to make sure you get flirting at a team-sponsored event. The possibility of taking a five-figure expense off of your plate is too good to be true. Better to be safe than to be sorry.


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