Small time hockey can be all about fights and big hits. It is what gets fans engaged and what also gets fans into seats. At this Toledo Walleye game, an affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings, it was the fans getting involved. You get ECHL action off the ice and on the ice apparently.

This guy was going at it. He wasn’t giving up. The reaction of everyone around him suggests that they have no clue what is going on. According to the Facebook post that this came from others had the same thought. He was just throwing punches with no discernible reason behind it.


It may just be because of the internet, but fan fights feel like they’re going up. When you get angry why not just let it go? This is sports after all. It is all a game, and it doesn’t need to be life or death. At some point people will realize their idiocy, today was not the day.

Good news for the Walleye, they would win the game, 2-1.

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