The Vegas Golden Knights are having a fairy tale of a first season in the NHL. They have the best home record in the entire league. Hockey fever has taken over Las Vegas, Nevada. This means with fan interest very high; they need to put some limits on fan access.

The team practices at City National Arena and many times fans will wait outside the players parking lot. Many will ask for photos and autographs. But due to issues with safety, they’re no longer going to allow people to wait and they’ll only let kids get autographs.

You read that right.

“Obviously we were having large crowds showing up at our practices, and I just felt like we had to define a better process,” Knights president Kerry Bubolz said Tuesday to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “So we looked to define a better process, and ultimately, that the most people can get autographs that we decided to limit it to kids.”

It makes sense. It does. In a town like Las Vegas, there are the genuine fans that want an autograph but also those that want to take advantage. Allowing only kids to get autographs is an excellent way to grow the game differently.

If such a policy continues when the team doesn’t win remains to be seen.

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