Trap Adventure 2 is frustrating gamers who can’t get enough of unfair deaths.

The iOS game, a Super Mario clone with the difficulty maxed out to a million, has taken the Internet by storm. Twitter and YouTube accounts, big and small, have shared footage trying to progress through the game. It’s not easy as everything seems to kill you.

Personally, my favorite playthrough is from popular YouTuber Dunkey, who shows how the game constantly messes you up with hidden spikes, moving platforms and genuinely unfair booby traps.

The description of the game is accurate.

“Caution!! This may be the most hardest, irritating, frustrating game EVER. If you tend to exasperate often, I recommend you not play this game. It will literally drive you insane. I PROMISE. As written above, this game is VERY STRESSFUL. You may get so irritated and frustrated that you throw your phone out the window. I can’t take any responsibilities for the displeasure this game may cause. Even after reading this you are still eager to play the game, then go ahead.”

For a buck, you can unlock the full game on the iOS store. Good luck and try not to pull your hair out while playing.

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