Knockouts happen in boxing all the time. It isn’t a new sensation. It makes the matches exciting and keeps the boxers on their toes as well. A punch could be coming from anywhere if you are not prepared.

What about a knockout punch eleven seconds into the fight? Would you be ready for that?

Zolani Tete and Siboniso Gonya were set to fight for the WBO Bantamweight title. It was supposed to last a while but it didn’t even last long enough for anyone in the arena to grab a concession. It is actually unbelievable how fast the knockout happened. This is one of those situations where you blink and you miss it. even watching it online.

Tete now holds the world record for fastest knockout ever in a title fight. At first glance, it looks like a possible dive but the overhead shot shows just how punishing the punch is on impact.

This is a record that will take a long time to be broken and when it does, it will have to be just as absurd as this knockout. The people I feel sorry for here are the pay-per-view buyers, the people in attendance and Gonya, who got knocked back into another century.

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