The Justin Bieber media train never stops churning. Now that he and Selena Gomez are back together after a split, you’re going to see a lot of their names in the press.

Just how serious is it? Gomez is attending Bieber’s beer league hockey games out in Los Angeles. It appears she is also bringing a dog in tow.

Where is the dog from? According to a source from E! it is from her previous relationship with The Weekend.

That by itself is a juicy bit of gossip but apparently, neither of them are willing to comment on the seriousness of the relationship. Although TMZ may have caught the couple kissing.

Let it be stated here that if you’re attending someone’s recreation league sports matches, you’re definitely more than friends. No friend on the fact of this earth has wanted to watch a person trying to relive their glory days. If anything, Selena deserves kudos for even showing up.

As people continue to obsess over their relationship status, hockey should embrace this relationship. They could get worse PR.


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