The most unlikely player to provide entertainment in the NFL has easily been Ju-Ju Smith Schuster. The former USC player has had himself a busy season for both good and bad reasons.

One of the more interesting was the fact that his bike was stolen and the entire city of Pittsburgh helped search for it. They ended up finding it and returning back to its rightful home. Now, it appears that he isn’t going to need the bike for much longer.

Schuster just got himself a drivers license. So instead of going to work on a bike, he will (hopefully) riding in style.

You have to love the hustle from the driving education company showing off their car in the background of the picture. Smith-Schuster has only played in eight games and has over 400 yards receiving. If he keeps up this great pace, he will be driving in a Lamborghini sooner rather than later.

He is pushing other players out of the way on the Steelers’ depth chart and now it appears he is going to push others off the road. Wait, actually that is a bad thing. Let’s just hope that Smith-Schuster continues to be the shining light of this NFL season.

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