Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first MLB player to kneel in protest during the anthem earlier this year and because of it, he’s gone through some confrontational experiences.

Maxwell spoke with TMZ, revealing he was refused service by an Alabama waiter because he kneeled. Maxwell said the waiter was pro-Trump and made it clear it was his basis for not serving him.

‘You’re the guy who took the knee? I voted for Trump and I stand for everything he stands for.'”

While Maxwell stressed in the interview there’s been a lot of positives as a result of his protest, he admitted it’s come with challenges. Fortunately, in this case, Maxwell talked to management and was eventually given a new server.

It’s a shame some people, like the waiter who allegedly refused service to Maxwell, thinks it’s OK to do so because Maxwell kneeled during the anthem. It’s a peaceful, non-confrontational way for a pro athlete to speak out.  Politics aside – if you’re a waiter, and you’re refusing service, do it because of a valid reason, not because you’re pro-Trump.

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