One of the most surprising NFL offseason storylines was Ben Roethlisberger’s rumored retirement. The Pittsburgh Steelers QB reportedly almost hung up his cleats due to injury concerns and justifiable CTE worries. Will Big Ben consider retirement again after the 2017 season? Former teammate Hines Ward doesn’t think so.

TMZ caught up with the retired NFL wide receiver, who said his former QB has “plenty left in the tank.” Ward added that he doesn’t believe Roethlisberger will retire.

Roethlisberger scared Steelers fans after wondering aloud if he “doesn’t have it anymore,” after throwing five picks against the Jaguars in Week 5. Although, he changed his tune after beating the previously undefeated Chiefs in Week 6.

Ward’s comments should ease Steelers fan’s minds, but ultimately, Roethlisberger’s decision is his own. The 35-year-old’s suffered multiple injuries in his career and hasn’t been great in 2017 with nine touchdown passes and eight picks in seven games.

Will Big Ben retire? Like Ward guessed, I don’t think so. But, should he go down, it’s a realistic probability he’d hang em’ up for good.

Honestly, nobody would blame Roethlisberger if he wanted to walk away from the game after the season concludes. His long-term health concerns should outweigh his legacy and want to stick around to win another Super Bowl.

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