Mitch McGary was a sensation for a period time while with the University of Michigan. He dominated during the NCAA Tournament and was a household name during March Madness.

After playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder and filling in where he could, McGary is a free agent and he is using his time wisely. That opinion may be in the eye of the beholder though.

McGary is bowling an awful lot and he is getting good, really good. He is just getting started but he is starting to get the hang of it.

“Handicap is cool,” McGary said, referring to extra pins bowlers get when they average less than 220 in most leagues. “I’ve been bowling good against (established scratch bowlers) Derek (Carter) and Ted (Rosenquist) because of the 30 pins (handicap) I get.”

He has even begun to bowl 700 series and has a handful of 650 series under his belt as well. He may be getting a leg up on others because of who his family is. His mom, Valerie is a bowler that has competed for more than 30 years.

McGary still hopes to play in the NBA again but this is just something to do in the meantime. He isn’t going to set his basketball career aside for bowling but he has a pretty good fallback plan if need be.

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