Byron Scott has been a staple in the NBA since he entered it way back when. Whether it be playing or coaching, he has helped mold a lot of minds in this league. It appears that he has hit a bit of bad luck like many others in Los Angeles.

TMZ has the details of a burglary that has taken place at his home.

Multiple sources close to Scott tell us … his Hermosa Beach pad was hit Friday night by suspected burglars. We’re told the perps made off with Byron’s watches, and many of his girlfriend’s high-end purses and shoes. Law enforcement says they entered through a patio door, and took about $200k worth of the goods and cash.

This comes after Jason Derulo, who had $300k worth of jewelry and money stolen from his home just this past week.

While nothing is obviously being said about the status of all of these robberies since it is an ongoing investigation, it has to be disconcerting for those in Los Angeles. TMZ has also noted that this is part of a celebrity targeted crime explosion that has taken place within the past year.

Let’s hope that the former Lakers’ star is able to recover some of the items that were taken from his home.

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