Being a legend in a sport gets you notoriety but it also gives you the freedom to do anything you damn well please. If you’re the owner as well, that only doubles the freedom.

Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins is one of the few athletes in the modern era that both owned a team and played for it at the same time. The conversations had to be interesting while that was the case and it was only made even more fascinating when a coach got involved.

When Paul Bissonette was interviewed on Spittin Chiclets, a hockey podcast by Barstool Sports, he gave a great story on Lemieux using his power over a coach.

No one bag skates the legend Mario Lemieux, no one. @biznasty

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Eddie Olcyzk, who is now a color commentator for NBC Sports but was then a coach asked Lemieux and teammates to skate. Not just any skate, a bag skate, a skate so punishing your entire body is going to seize up. With one look, Lemieux put the nix on it and Olcyzk was happy to oblige.

It is utterly insane that he was able to do that in front of everyone but that is what power can do for you. It also adds to the lore that is Mario Lemieux.

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