Chandler Parsons is one thirsty dude.

The Memphis Grizzlies forward hasn’t been shy about sliding into very attractive ladies Instagram live streams. Remember back in December when he showed up in IG model Page Saunders’ live stream comments? Or, when he asked model Felicia Sanders to “show me your tits.

For some reason, Parsons thought about using the same gross pickup line in another Instagram live stream. This time, Big Brother contestant Jessica Graf. Parsons wrote “Hey big fan, show ur tits?” in the comments of her latest stream.

I mean, dude. I get you’re a handsome, multi-millionaire who likes to mess around town, but asking models to show you their boobs is repugnant. I hope one of Parsons teammates grabbed his phone and commented for him, because if he acts like this knowing the public is watching him, Parsons needs to be sit down and taught how to respect a woman.

This is pathetic. There’s no need for an NBA player on a hundred million dollar plus contract to be acting like such a doofus. Heck, no one should ever act like this.

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