Every athlete has a shoe deal. If you’re a lottery pick in any major draft, you’re going to have yourself a lucrative endorsement deal with a Nike or Under Armour type company. The arms (maybe, foot?) race to get personalities behind endorsing your shoe is already churning at a startling pace.

Reebok has joined the fray by declaring that their newest endorsement, singer Ariana Grande. This isn’t a multi-year deal, this is just a year long agreement and according to reports, the brand wants to take advantage of her rabid social media following.

Grande helped break the news with Reebok on her Instagram page.

Grande has over 113 million Instagram followers so her impact in influencing others is huge for the brand.

“Like Reebok, I fiercely stand for those who express themselves, celebrate their individuality, and push boundaries,” Grande said in a press release exclusively at WWD. “I’m an advocate for people accepting themselves for who they are. Reebok’s message of enabling and encouraging self-belief and self-betterment is something I fundamentally live by.”

She also joins Gigi Hadid as the most recent person to join Team Reebok. Hadid has over 35 million Instagram followers. Reebok’s plan to influence the masses is taking a very focused approach.

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