Sometimes you need to take a break, grab a stick and shoot some pucks. For some on-duty cops, taking some slapshots was just the type of break they needed before going back to work.

Lowell, MA PD ripping some clappers #HockeyGuys

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Spittin’ Chiclets of the Barstool Sports network posted a video of two Lowell, Massachusetts cops having some fun with the locals. Particularly one Lowell police officer who seemingly has trouble hitting the net (it appears that way).

Hearing “you gotta end with a better one than that,” and “soooo close!” in a thick Bostonian accent is so great. The fact the community watching seems to have so much fun with them is a great sign.

Eventually, the cop – assumably struggling – drops the stick and runs back to his car. It’s funny, as the expression he makes is exactly that of a man failing under the pressure. But, he gets a “thank you” and some admiration from the crowd for his attempt. Regardless, nice form! His partner is surely ribbing him for his performance.

The cop might not be NHL material, but I’d gladly take him on by street hockey team any day of the week.

[Spittin’ Chiclets]

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