2017 is a very weird year. Oddities aren’t out of the norm anymore and everything feels upside down. Heck, even former WWE rivals are teaming up to make a dream come true for both men. Cody Rhodes, formerly of the WWE and under the pseudonym Stardust is joining actor/wrestler Stephen Amell in the wine business.

If you think this is a weird teaming of people, no one would blame you but both think they can do some good for the wine world.

“Wrestlers should be connected to wine,” Rhodes said to Sports Illustrated. “Andre the Giant could drink a cask of wine and it wouldn’t even phase him. Personally, I really revel in the idea of sampling and tasting wine, and I’ve even helped craft my own selections.”

Amell created the Nocking Point wine club in 2012 and the membership has now grown to over 6,000 people all over the world. Now Amell and Rhodes have a simple thought in mind, wine doesn’t need to be such a fancy drink.

“We want to eliminate the pretense surrounding wine,” Amell said. “The same thing is true of Cody, especially in the most recent part of his career. Cody has crafted and cultivated something on his own for himself in professional wrestling. He shares the same entrepreneurial spirit that we do, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to partner with him.”

While the world may still be an odd place, this partnership is going to bring joy to others. If you sign up for the Nocking Point wine club, you’ll get an opportunity to try their quarterly offerings which will include Rhodes’ wine.

It is a brave new world.

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