Huge hits are the name of the game in football. It can happen on offense and it can happen on defense. The bigger hits normally happen in the NFL. Whenever they happen at the high school level, it normally happens with a lot of momentum. And boy, did this block during a Florida high school football game have a lot of pop to it.

Somehow there wasn’t a penalty on the play. It looks clean but the amount of force he puts through that poor cornerback has me wanting a back massage. This is the football equivalent of dynamite. There is no way that the cornerback is going to be able to come back from that.

It begs another question, should these types of plays be allowed in high school football? It doesn’t make much sense to let such young people run into one another with such force. If the sport wants to stick around, these type of blocks have got to go. For now, we can all cringe at just how painful this hit looked.

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