Keeping the internet a safe-ish place is a tough business. One wrong click and you can be on an inappropriate site in no time. So when you’re a search engine, you’re never expecting anything terrible on a home page.

Microsoft’s search engine “Bing” had a little mishap with an image that somehow slipped by their quality control.

The image doesn’t seem like much of anything. A sleuthing Twitter user pointed out the image drawn in the sand. After zooming in, you can see it a lot better.

Hmm. Let’s enhance the photo.




Folks, that is a phallic sand sculpture. How the heck it made its way onto Microsoft’s home page is beyond me. But it couldn’t be any funnier.

The fun didn’t last very long though as Microsoft only a few short hours later they were able to photoshop the sand statue out of the image. You can’t do anything on the internet anymore without someone finding out.

Could this have been someone within Microsoft having a good time or could this really have been an overlooked image? Regardless, the Microsoft PR train had to get rolling quickly to cover this up and I am just glad we got to see this slight mess up.

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