Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is among one of the more peculiar case studies in the NFL today. Repeatedly suspended for his marijuana use, Gordon has had plenty of opportunities to get on the right path.

At one point in time, Gordon was considered one of the best receivers in the game for his ability to stretch the field. It doesn’t look like he’ll get the opportunity anytime soon to prove himself on the field. At least in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s words.

When asked at a fan forum about the possibility of Gordon’s reinstatement, Goodell was curt in his response. “Not under active consideration to my knowledge, at least it hasn’t gotten to my desk yet,” said Goodell.

While the drug policy is clear as day in the collective bargaining agreement, it doesn’t mean that the punishment fits the crime.

Looking all around the league at what players do and don’t get punished for, Gordon for his marijuana usage has been among the most stringent. It doesn’t make sense from an outsiders perspective and it doesn’t make sense to many in the league as well.

The rules are the rules though and Goodell is unlikely to change his mind on any decision. Goodell is firm in his decisions and Gordon has been one of his most hardline stances.


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