One of the greatest rap songs of all time, Stan by Eminem, features a desperate, obsessed fan writing his idol in hopes of getting a response. When he doesn’t get one, things turn dangerous. The first-person songwriting is incredible and gut-wrenching. Now, the YouTube channel AOK has turned that hit into a LeBron-Kyrie Beef and it’s AMAZING.

This parody version is actually dope. The lyrics are hilarious, hard-hitting and flow real damn well. I mean, check out this verse.

“Dear Mr. I’m-Too-Good-to-Commit To Cleveland.
This’ll be the last message I send before I’m leaving.
It’s been three seasons, I’m second fiddle — do I deserve it?
I know you got my last email
I even CC’d Brian Windhorst”

Or how about this perfect line?

“DIDO: LeBron is mad
I’m wondering why 
I asked for a trade at all
I scored 57 against the Spurs.
But I can’t please LeBron
And even if I could he won’t commit to stay.
He’s leaving to play with Ball.
It reminds me that it’s not our Cavs, never was our Cavs.”

This is a rare parody that not only nails on the content its parodying, but the subject material itself. All of it is good. Heck, I’d even bump it without watching the video just because AOK’s rhymes are that good. Well done to everyone in making this.


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