The horrors in Charlottesville, Virginia have made headlines and the country has responded by shutting out hate. One former NFL player has decided to weigh in with advice for the very same white supremacists causing trouble in Virginia.

Chad Johnson, formerly of the Cincinnati Bengals talked to TMZ Sports and let his feelings be known on the situation.

“You know what the white supremacists need? They need some f**king love from me,” Johnson said.

That is interesting advice. Not what I would suggest but Johnson is a better man than I.

“Matter of fact, the next rally … let me know and I’ll show up. I walk through there hugging and kissing everybody.”

He continued, “Could you imagine me? The only f**king black guy at the Klan rally with a shirt that says, ‘I love you?’ And I would do it.”

If there is anyone that could bring the masses together it would be Johnson. He was one of the most polarizing athletes while he played but in retirement has become beloved for his personality. It has never been smart to bet against him and if he says that he is going to do something, he is going to do it.

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