Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania are an interesting place in America. It is a hard working area with a love for its sports teams. And a love for french fries on sandwiches.

JuJu Smith-Schuster is a recently drafted wide receiver by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The former USC Trojan is already embracing Pittsburgh for all of its beauty.

The second round draft pick was followed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as they did a profile on him. He immediately picked up on the best places to go.

He even went to Kennywood, an amusement park that has been standing for longer than I’ve been alive. Smith-Schuster though got confused for another famous Steeler while at the park. This apparently isn’t the first time that it has happened either.

This visit started with Smith-Schuster autographing a Kennywood Arrow and continued with a picture with Kenny the Kangaroo at the park’s entrance.

“That’s Le’Veon Bell,” a teenage boy said to his group of friends as he walked by.

It happened again a short time later, when Smith-Schuster waited to get on Phantom’s Revenge.

“Le’Veon,” yelled another boy as he exited the ride.

Smith-Schuster has fun with the cases of mistaken identity.

“I’m not surprised,” JuJu said. “That happens a lot. I was at Dave & Buster’s, and someone came up to me and said, ‘Le’Veon, can I have your autograph?’

“So I signed it: LB 26.”

He let out a big laugh after relaying the story.

He also took part on the Duquesne Incline, where you have to wait forever to go up the side of the hill. It is much cooler than it sounds. Eating at DeLucas is a savvy place to eat as well.

He now has a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey at his disposal too. That is the one way to get to every Pittsburgh fans heart.

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