Hanging outside of a strip club at 5 A.M. normally means trouble is bound to happen.

For Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams, he would much rather take his people down in a foot race. Williams, who is a professional athlete can beat about 99% of the population in athletic feats but that didn’t stop him from teaching this guy a lesson.

Once someone says they can beat you, then the competitiveness takes over.

Once he takes off his shirt and shoes, that is the exact moment that his opponent should have known that he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell that he was going to win.

Naturally, Williams absolutely smoked the guy in a race and he told TMZ Sports after the fact that the race was all in good fun.

After the recent news surrounding his Cowboys’ teammate Ezekiel Elliott, staying out of the news should be every player’s prerogative. Beating people in races outside of strip clubs isn’t a way to get the press to avoid your name but it feels oddly wholesome. There are much worse things that can be done at that time of night.

If Williams continues to show off similar speed on the football field, the Cowboys will be happy they have him under contract.

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