Real or fake? That’s for you to decide.

Before he became a professional wrestler, Mike Mizanin had a bit of reality show celebrity (if there is such a thing), starting with MTV’s Real World and moving on to the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, a hodgepodge of competitive games and whiny drama. It was clear from his beginning that “The Miz” was quite the talker. Exhibit B: this video.

From WWE’s Talking Smack (and on WWE’s channel), a new show dedicated to discussing all things Smackdown Live, comes The Miz (accompanied by gorgeous wife Maryse) tearing into Commissioner Daniel Bryan after being told his wrestling style is “soft.” Mizanin, being the man he is, does not take it lightly, and rips the bearded-wonder a new one. It is, to quote the kids, hot fire.

The obvious question has to be: is this real? Is this Mike actually responding, or is it some kind of work to pull in the audience? Wrestling has always been a weird wonder of popular culture, but when it is done right, the lines of what’s truth and what’s just a story. Case in point: Macho Man Randy Savage and his interest in the physics of cream.

Speaking of WWE, have you ever heard of Brock Lesnar? He’s kind of a scary man, and he also enjoys real-punching people in UFC. Check the deck below for a few our favorite of his MMA matches from the past.