Don’t piss off Miss Williams.

What’s that one thing you do when you’re frustrated with life? Maybe you grumble a bit, or kick a rock if available, or eat just a bit more of that pudding that you swear you’ll stop buying. What does Serena Williams – one of the most fit and athletic human beings on this planet – do when she’s frustrated? She destroys rackets.

During her match against France’s Alizé Cornet during the 2016 Olympics, Serena had a few moments that caused her to rage out, causing her to destroy her current racket. This is not, however, Serena’s first time smashing one, as she’s been prone to do in the past.

Serena Smash gif

If anything, Miss Williams’s tendency to break rackets is just simply a sign of her passion and love for the sport that she has conquered. She wants to be the best and win; not performing at your highest just causes those emotions to come out. And we are talking about the woman who hangs with Dude Perfect and went all fan girl about meeting Tom Brady.

Check the deck below to see some our favorite Serena smashes.



Photo: Indian Express