It’s on in Dallas, baby!

The always fun Youtubers Dude Perfect are at it again, as they headed to Dallas for a little competition against a few of the NFL’s best. Players Ezekial Elliot, Mike Evans, and Tyrann “The Honey Badger” Mathieu go toe-to-toe with the professional bros in a promotional clip for Madden ’17.

Of course, it’s not your typical battle, as the two teams have to perform in some unconventional conditions, such as punting blindfolded or catching passes on a mechanical bull. One has to wonder though: why not use a real bull? Can’t be that dangerous, right? Probably not.

Evans Bull Ride

Good to see Evans, Mathieu, and Elliot having a bit of fun before the another season, and always a pleasure to see Dude Perfect getting paid to have more fun than anyone else in the world. Want to see more of them? Check the deck below to find some of our other favorite videos they’ve made in the past.