What a toss.

One of the most exciting plays in all of baseball has to be an outfield throwing someone out at home. Players like Ichiro Suzuki and Jose Bautista put emphasis on their legendary careers by throwing a baseball from hundreds of yards away to precisely get a player out. It’s beautiful to behold.

The latest to do so is Jason Heyward, whose scoop-up on a line drive led to a gorgeous play at the home plate against the New York Mets. The Cubs’ Twitter account reacted with this:

Way to work that little slice of pop culture in there, guys. Good work all around. For those of you not in the know:

Pretty much the same level of epicness, right? Probably.

The question then becomes: how does this become to some the best throw outs at home, such as the aforementioned Ichiro? We’ll just leave this one here and you can be the judge.

For more tosses to home, albeit in the first-pitch variety, check the deck below to see some of the best and worst opening tosses ever.



Photo: MLB.com