Funny moments from funny people (and A Rod, apparently).

Every year, athletes, actors, and other celebrities get together for ESPYs, ESPN classy award show celebrating the accomplishments in the sports world while also poking a little fun. For over 20 years, sports stars have been dressing up in their finest suits – probably made from three normal-sized suits – and have joked with the likes of Joel McHale, Drake, and that one guy who was on The Daily Show (you know the one). The ceremony has also been a source for some of the most touching moments as well, such as speeches for the Jimmy V Perseverance Award.

In honor of latest ceremony- hosted by Fake-Real sports athlete John Cena- we present to you some of our favorite moments from past EPSY ceremonies. Keep in mind that 1) this is just some of our favorites, and 2) it is far from complete, as a full list would probably take far too long to watch. Did we miss anything major, or do you just disagree about Blake (the combination of Blake Griffin’s name and Drake’s)? Let us know on Twitter: @NextImpulseSports