The boys are back in town with a whole new set of tricks.

For the uninitiated, Dude Perfect is a group of… er, dudes, who enjoyed doing trick shots with basketballs so much that they just had to film it. It’s probably one of the simplest, yet best ideas ever. As they’ve challenged themselves to do more and more crazy stunts with their shots, however, they decided to expand on their original idea, adding tennis (with Serena Williams) and even drones or RC Cars. It’s pretty amazing to watch, and it’s all in the name of bros having a blast.

Their latest video features Blitzball, the weird backyard baseball setup that does the crazy curving and the moving and what-nots. Very technical, obviously.

giphy (18)

From throwing the ball to break color-filled bottles to using a tennis racket to smash targets from afar, it’s quite the spectacle that any sports fan can truly appreciate. And hey! They got Sasquatch to show up, so that’s nice.


For more craziness from the boys, check the deck below to see some of our other favorite antics from the guys over at Dude Perfect. Enjoy!