Just get ready for National Banana Hammock Day as well, guys.

Twitter is such a wondrous thing. In 140 characters or less, it brings people from all walks of life together so they can appreciate all things we have in this world. From sports to video games to your grandmother who still doesn’t understand it’s not email, you can find pretty much anything on the little bird’s social network. One of the greatest gatherings, however, has to be the celebration of National Bikini Day.

70 years ago as of this writing, the bikini was introduced to the world, and we as a species have never been the same. It’s a fashion staple that lets women express themselves and men act like idiots, making stupid lines up to show their appreciation. The world of Twitter celebrated with #NationalBikiniDay, with people bringing the sexy – as well as some of the funny – to help the cause. Check the deck below to catch just a few of our favorites.



Picture: Imgur