Zack Hample is the king of collecting baseballs at MLB games.

As noted by The Big Lead, the 38-year-old claims to have snagged over 9,000 baseballs at 51 big-league parks over the last 25 years. He was in New York on Wednesday night for the Rangers-Yankees game and nearly caught two more balls, except that one hit him square in the face and another was lost because someone else was fighting to catch it.

These instances aren’t particularly embarrassing because a lot of people get hit with balls and his view was shielded by a man in front of him on the first one. However, he took to Twitter to complain like a spoiled eight-year-old.

First, here are his tweets, referencing homers by Brian McCann and Didi Gregorius:

Here’s the McCann bomb, where he whines about someone getting in his way. How dare that fan try to catch the ball!

And here’s the Gregorious home run, where he claims to have been body slammed.

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