Geordi La Forge’s got a new headset for you to try on.


Virtual reality has been slowly gaining more and more of a platform lately, as companies such as HTC and Samsung are bringing you headsets to strap on so you can be fully immersed in ignoring friends and family. There hasn’t been, however, that one killer game that makes you just want to buy the thing. Ubisoft is looking to change all of that, though, with Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and they’ve brought back your favorite crew members to get all excited.

The trailer shows Star Trek alum Levar Burton, Jeri Ryan, and Karl Urban interacting with a virtual ship as they geek out, using teamwork to control the ship and “press the buttons” as Urban puts it. It seems pretty fascinating, an idea that has been a long time coming.

The game is still being developed, but it looks promising. At least Levar is pretty excited, and he did Reading Rainbow, so there’s that. No word yet, however, if you’ll be able to seduce alien ladies or wear crappy hair pieces.