Note: Partial, yet tasteful nudity lies ahead.  You’ve been warned.

Art is subjective.  Unless it’s really, really good.  Then it’s art, and you should just get on board.

Instagram is a treasure trove of artists and photographers looking to share their talents with the world.  Every approach is on display – from paintings, to action shots, to pictures of kitties with different levels of “XX Pro” or “Valencia” filters.  One of the more fascinating accounts that has been gaining attention, however, is that of user @nude_yogagirl.

Using professional lighting techniques, a great eye for camera shots, and clever ways to hide her identity, the anonymous yogi has created a bevy of beautiful shots of her skills.  She bares it all while twisting herself in positions that take years to master, mesmerizing the rest of us while also contemplating a gym visit.  Clearly, she’s a woman with a multitude of skills.

She also uses her account to educate and inspire, using her thoughts to compliment her poses.  Nude Yoga Girl (the only name we have for her) answers questions, challenges followers in physical and mental ways, and even ponders why her work appeals to others.  It’s also a chance for her to promote her personal site,, where you can see more and buy a photo or two.