Blair Walsh received some encouraging words from Nate Burleson after his missed 27-yard field goal attempt that could’ve won the game for Minnesota.

The former wide receiver took to Instagram to let Walsh know that despite the tough circumstances, he’ll bounce back better than ever. He also made sure to tell hateful fans to give it a rest with the threats and discouraging comments. All in all, this was an extremely classy move by Burleson.

●To @blairwalsh_3 (@blairwalsh3 twitter) I know today seems like a dark day in your athletic career but you will bounce back better & stronger from this brotha. You have kicked game winners before and will make game winners in the future. And not to mention you were a huge part of why the Vikes were in the game with 3 field goals so hold your head high. ●Now to all the so called fans who have taking to social media to put him down, curse out and threaten him & his family please take a long look in the mirror. If ya'll had your mistakes on grand display for the world to see, would you want thousands of people tearing you down with harsh words & threats? No! We have to be a little bit more sensitive to one another in the moments in which we fail. If we can't lean on each other to encourage us through the dark times than we are lost as a society. Trust me there is nobody that feels worse than Blair Walsh right now so let's try to build him up instead of destroy. Much brighter days ahead BW! #SpreadLove #BuildNotDestroy ~Nate Burleson

A photo posted by Nate Burleson (@nateburleson) on Jan 10, 2016 at 6:29pm PST

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