A family of Packers fans who showed up to Carolina’s game against Green Bay holding a “North Carolina Cheesehead” sign have since landed in the news after Carolina QB Cam Newton saw the sign and ripped it from their hands prior to the start of Sunday’s contest.

Fayetteville resident Mike Dobs reportedly paid $500 to have the sign made.

While the Panthers promised the family that they would work with them to reach some sort of resolution to the incident, the family filed a complaint with the police over the missing sign.

However, the family wasn’t done talking after word spread that they had complained to the police about Cam’s actions. Dobs’ son-in-law David Sessoms went so far as to call Cam “evil” and he posted this screed to his Facebook page after the incident, saying that he intended to tell Cam, “Sorry sir, I don’t carry cash,” before labeling Newton “ghetto.”

david sessoms cam newton

Exactly John Williams, now he will have to deal with his dumb move tomorrow. He is so lucky my finger wasn’t hurt. It was wrapped in the cord attached to the banner. When he ran up, I was gonna just say “sorry sir, I never carry cash”. But he wasn’t begging for money, he was ghetto and took our property. Not to mention that her parents spent 4K on 5 tickets for front row!

Yes, because very thinly veiled racism is surely the best way to gain public sympathy.

Sessoms also posted something resembling an official “statement” on the matter in which he states that “respect is everything” to him.

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