The San Antonio Spurs’ season began on Friday, which means that the world was treated to the first of many in-season pre-game media sessions with Spurs coach and general entity of greatness Gregg Popovich.

While the season may be getting underway, Popovich already sounds like he’s in postseason press conference form judging by this transcript from Friday’s pre-game:

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite exchange but it has to be this:

Q: What do you remember about your first NBA coaching game?
A: I think Avery patted me on the ass or something like that.

Or this:

Q: Pop, have you been pleased with the way LaMarcus has fit in with what you guys do on the court?
A: Sure. Sure I am. And if I wasn’t I wouldn’t say that. I would just lie to you. So, silly question.

Pop batting down media questions like he’s Tim Duncan on the block? Yeah, the NBA is back.

[Anthony Slater]