Doug Martin’s distaste for his (awesome) nickname “Muscle Hamster” has been long documented. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back went as far as to call it “the worst nickname possibly ever given by somebody” despite the fact that it may be the best nickname in human history depending on how one feels about Magic Johnson and Air Jordan.

Perhaps sensing that the best way to get people to stop calling him “Muscle Hamster” would be to come up with an alternative alias for himself, Martin recently told ESPN that he has finally chosen a nickname for himself.


For real.

“Dougernaut?” Martin said, according to “Yeah, that’s the nickname I’m going with.”

Hell, “Dougernaut” may not even be the best nickname that Martin had previously floated for himself. In addition to “Dougernaut,” Martin has stated in the past that “The Dougernator” and “Muscle and Hustle” were fine nicknames as well.

We’ll stop calling him “Muscle Hamster” (RIP BEST NICKNAME) but it will probably be a long time before we call Doug Martin “Dougernaut.”